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Owen Parry Workshop: Fandom

Fan Fiction: Allows fans to write, share work and talk.

Artists tend to distance themselves conceptually from ideas whereas fans emotionally devote themselves to them. Fans have very expert knowledge in specifics which may not matter to others - 'worthless knowledge'?


Loyalty/Shame/Knowledge/Replication and Embodiment/Obsession/Intimacy/Fantasy/Enjoyment/Community/Hysteria/Excess/Perversion/


[FANATIC]: 'An action or speech: such as might result from possession by a deity or demon; frantic, furious' - Oxford English Dictionary

"The fan's response involves not simply fascination...but also frustration and antagonism" - Henry Jenkins


CONSUMER --> ENTHUSIAST --> FAN --> PRODUCER (create and share own fandom/fiction)

Fans influence work and lives of artists e.g. the Beatles stopped playing live as fans screamed too loud.


- Escapism

- State of being out of control - may gage something we haven't incurred or thought of before.

- Take research further eg. morally further through stalking and getting extremely intimate in research practice

We acted out fandom by creating a shine to something we are a fan of. I vaguely took the concept of contemporary, queer London club spaces that I am writing my dissertation about. I focussed on Deep Trash events in collaboration with 'Cuntemporary'.

We then got into groups and put out fan worlds together, shipping certain relationships such as London club culture, Kurt Cobain, surveillance and supernatural connections to form a collaborative image encompassing all.


Methods of getting closer and more intimate to concepts of research, rather than distancing self from it...began to form ideas of how to get closer to experiences of womanly expectations such as growing out body hair.

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