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Daniel's Workshop: Worlds of Practice

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Imagining World of my Practice

■Materials – milk/cream/clay

■Colour - white/grey

■Temperature – warm to cold

■Sounds/Volume – Gentle to uncontrollable




■Smells - cream

■Textures - liquids

■Gravity - Things suspended in ceiling but body rooted to ground

In the list above, I have listed the more realistic elements that I see in my performance world. Daniel Oliver asked us to be as abstract as possible in imagining the world as a location in our heads:


Name - Swoloboob

Move/Function - cat walk (normal walk + very slow)

Banned/How this is policed - No musical singing, No money

Love - performance isn't made for money but to inspire

Clothes - naked + Balloon suit neck down (mode of transportation)

Window - Swirly trees/ Dr. seuss / Rain is good for your skin / temperature always pleasant/ rains once every day or two days but still nice; Milk is women breast milk + no kids;

Environment - jelly + milk ; purple/pinky world Rain is milk + MILK doesn't go off + milk lake Clouds are a giant boob with many nipples

Do men participate in the rain/seasons process? - Nope


This workshop really made me analyse my aesthetic and material practice. I understood how important liquids and neutral or light colours are. It also made me reflect on the light tone my practice should keep, even if there are moments of delicate darkness, it should be reflected on with lightness.

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