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Eirini Workshop: Language as Material

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Eirini's key Methodologies:

- Improv

- Recorded Text

- Writing to generate text

Correlating interests to my project:

- Body

- Conflicting desires

- Social Expectations (confusion and refusal)

- Complying to compulsive female maturnity

- How do I know what I want?

Where Does my Force to Perform Come From?:

- Resistance to social expectations

- Non-desires to what seems to be the norm

- Desire to fall in love with strangers by communicating with them

- Desire to Dance

- Desire to take CONTROL, rather than being the advice-giver, shoulder to cry on all the time - make my problems heard for once

- Beautiful imagery/words in my head/on pages

- My mother

- Evidence that she may be proud of

- Desire to be alone and spill from my own head WITHOUT CENSORSHIP or for the purpose of CARING FOR ANOTHER

- The transcendent no-rule/meaning gap between capitalist labour and leisure time. The other-worldly sense of time in theatre

- Selfish - only time I make time for myself


"If anyone tells you not to be selfish - tell them to FUCK OFF" - Eirini 11th January 2018


- FREE WRITING: Use random titles e.g. 'Two Tits Are Singing' and 'Im in Love with Philip' and free write > Take a few sentences > Use the voice as language, cut sentences, loop them, give no meaning to words, extend it, its a song, its a sound, cut syllables > Write transcript for manipulated sentences



- STRUCTURE: Use these materials to form structure under random delivery styles:


Using text as material to produce work. I do not usually speak too much during performance but free-writing has been extremely useful in generating ideas and letting my mind run without censoring it.

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