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'All That Clitters' by TABOO[B]

(TABOO[B] is made up of: ELOINA, Emily Redpath, Marissa Landy & Bethan Illman)

We work with bodies: your bodies and ours. We are interested in the comfortable body and the uncomfortable body, and the reasons for the two.

In our daily lives, we look for instant gratification from external forces, living towards goals and deadlines. This often makes us unaware of our present bodies, viewing them only as a vessel to complete tasks, rather than a powerful and beautiful force that needs to be appreciated and cared for.

This is a sensory experience including the use of blinfolds at points. We guide the audience through an experience where their bodily reactions are influenced by subtle stimuli.

All That Clitters is an aesthetically orgasmic and pleasing piece, which incites free reflection on all of our present, human bodies. 

We unapologetically use and present bodies as they are, both naturally and artistically.

Performed at: Camden People's Theatre (2017), The Pinter Studio (2017)

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