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Updated: Apr 9, 2018

This piece is about the presentation of one’s body in public vs private. How are we expected to present our bodies and how is this different between both public and private spaces? Who puts these expectations on us – society, workplaces, family and friends, an audience, ourselves? The audience take on the role of all of the above in judging my body throughout the piece.

The underlying theme of this piece is vulnerability, depicted in two contrasting, every-day happenings – attempting to be a caricature of society’s expectations to feeling uncomfortable with those expectations.

If this piece is about vulnerability, it is also about care and reliability. It battles between conforming to others’ needs, being reliant on those others, and self-sufficiency.

The piece contrasts in two episodes, one being a cabaret scene to enjoy! And the other being a more intimate moment to observe or be responsible in. With more time, I will elongate each to create the environment of both, but at the moment, it is just snippets of how each episode will feel. The dressing would also encompass more audience members and

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