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I am a live artist, a performance artist, a clown, filled with rage, a stage manager, a technician, and very, very, fucking giving.


I am a magician. Not what you think when you think magician. I don’t really wear hats. Although, if I did, it would be a top hat. A magician in the sense that I do things on stage that people don’t expect me to. That people are scared to do.


I take up a lot more space in the world than it expects me to.


I am a lot louder, a lot prouder, a lot hairier, than the world expects me to be.


My shows are surprisingly funny and surprisingly grotesque.


The work is shocking. Not for the sake of it. But because the things it is speaking about is shocking. As a taster: it is shocking that girls as young as 9-years-old are requesting and receiving labiaplasty on the NHS (surgery to make the labia smaller). It is shocking that people hide their tampons up their sleeves even though 334million people are menstruating at one time in the world. And it is shocking that some fathers had not spoken to their children about menstruation before they came to see one of my shows.


I want to shout about the things we are taught we are not allowed to shout about. And I want you to shout with me.


I want to push the shocking, hidden realities around the female body to their limit on stage, so that the true, natural thing in real life is easier to speak about and accept.


I want us to all be comfortable in a room together whilst deconstructing the ultimately uncomfortable parts of human, animal, primal life.


I would love you to come and dance with me, laugh with me, feel uncomfortable with me at one of my shows. I promise to hold your hand the whole way through.


I am a magician but not what you think when you think magician. You should not invite me to do your children’s parties.


P.S. I can’t wear doc martens because I have bunions. I just thought you should know that.


ELOINA graduated from the innovative drama degree at Queen Mary University of London in 2018. She has since performed her shows which dismantle taboos around the female body at VAULT Festival, FUSE Festival, Camden People’s Theatre and many more.

Hire her, she’s lovely.

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