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FISH DON'T BLEED © EloinaHaines (2).JPG.



"FISH DON'T BLEED is an astounding performance filled with laugh-out-loud comedy and shout-out-loud rage, both delivered in perfect balance and with great skill."

FISH DON’T BLEED is an amalgamation of rage against period-shaming and hilarity around the techniques we’ve developed to hide the fact we are menstruating (even though 334million people in the world are menstruating at one given moment).


FISH DON’T BLEED unveils myths that diminish the pain and taboos that come with periods. It exposes advertisers, period product companies and schools for the harmful culture and chemicals involved in menstruation. Most importantly, it liberates menstruators to speak freely about bleeding.


After seeing FISH DON’T BLEED, parents have spoken to their children about periods for the first time, menstruators have opened up more conversations, comfortably, and people have even started growing their body hair out again.


FISH DON’T BLEED will make you wince, make you feel uncomfortable, make you feel more comfortable in your body and make you laugh out loud. And I will be holding your hand the whole damn way.


A mix of autobiography, collected stories and cold, hard facts told through comedy clowning and epic performance art.


Prepare to square dance, shout ‘DOES ANYBODY HAVE A TAMPON’ and to pick your jaw up off the floor.


In short, making FISH DON’T BLEED is my proudest accomplishment so far.

Performed at: Camden People's Theatre (2019), Aces & Eights (2019), Shoebox Theatre, FUSE Festival (2019), The Waitress Club, Hackney Theatre Festival (2019)

UPCOMING: Camden People's Theatre, Calm Down, Dear Festival  (10th July 2021)

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