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"You inspired and empowered me to take more time to get to know me and my own body. Keep making these shows because it makes a really big difference.”

This is about the omission of wanking from a girl’s childhood stories, reserving it only for boys whose mothers find their soiled sheets under their beds or walk into their room whilst they’ve got rubber gloves and a slice of Tesco ham round their cock.

This is about how this omission of wanking from a girl’s childhood stories leads to it being something you shouldn’t do and should be ashamed of if you do.

This is about young women excluded from her friendship group in secondary school after admitting to having a wank.



This show exposes the fact that you are always taught what happens when a male ejaculates. When a male ejaculates, you must be prepared with protection. When a male ejaculates it is to let off steam. When a male ejaculates, you will get pregnant and die.

Yet nobody ever told me I could drown my partner with my gushing, flowing tsunami come.

Performed at: DIY Space, Her-pees (2019), Mirth, Marvel & Maud (2019) 

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